(Recap: Krishi makes a strong impression at the technical interview and is selected among few others at PEAVS)

Formal tops… backspace… kurtas under 1000… backspace… shirts… sort by price… back… sort by popularity… Krishi frantically shopped online, though her brain refused to work and she couldn’t withhold her excitement as she scrolled down her offer letter, for the 71st time that day. She examined the profiles of the management and senior employees on LinkedIn and studied the anonymous reviews on work culture and policies on Glassdoor. Setting an alarm at 6, she dozed off for the day visualizing various possibilities of how her first day was going to be.

“Hi, I’m Krishi. I was supposed to be meeting Ms. D’Souza. It’s my first day today as trainee analyst. Could you please help me with her whereabouts, please?”

“How many pleases in one sentence. Haha! Hi I’m Varun. Senior Analyst at PEAVS. You should first meet Ravi from HR. He’d give you about 15 forms where you have to fill in your name, DOB, address, code of conduct etc etc, all that nonsense. He’d then give you a lecture about how gifted you are to get into PEAVS, do’s and don’ts at work etc and show you around. Then you head to Ms. D’Souza. Meanwhile, I also report to her. She may tell me to give you some work and I’m very austere with new joiners, okay? Ha ha..” he chuckled as he filled himself some tea from the vending machine and strode away in the opposite direction.

She gawked at the forms tossed at her by Ravi and meekly smiled.

“You can get seated at the conference room and fill up these forms. Then I would be able to give you an HR orientation.”

She smiled, both knowing the content of the HR orientation and also at the warmth extended by Varun despite being a senior.

“Right, thanks for this. I may need five passport photos, one copy of your MBA certificate and one copy of your PAN Card. That’s it. HR formalities are pretty much over. Remember, PEAVS is an absolutely delightful place to work and you need to thank your stars that you got through despite the level of competition and with absolutely no reference whatsoever.

Office reporting timings are 9 to 6 inclusive of a one hour break. You may take as many small breaks as you may deem necessary provided the total does not exceed an hour. You may have to work up to 10pm sometimes, depending upon client deadlines and you shouldn’t expect an OT pay element for the same. However, during such events, we make sure senior employees take responsibility to drop you back home or you may use the office van, in case you guys are more in number.

Apart from you, Akanksha, Shruti, Karthik and Srivats are the new recruits for the year. They may be joining within the next 10 days. You may wish to get in touch with them. As mentioned you would be reporting to Ms. Felicia D’Souza. I shall get you introduced to her after showing you the office premises.”


“So, where did you do your M.B.A. from?”, a bespectacled Ms. D’Souza inquired. She had short hair, with fringes and was dressed in an elegant white kurta and brown jeggings.

“TREF Business School, Chennai, Ma’am. I chose the 18 month full time M.B.A.”,

“Nope, nobody calls their superiors ma’am and sir here. Call us by our names. Your first assignment will be given to you next week. Meanwhile, Kavya will help you walk through some of our previous assignments and help you settle down at the job. Feel comfortable and let me know if you have any queries. Do not expect a technical orientation. We believe recruits learn better on the job. ”


“Hi, Krishi right? I’m Kavya. One of the Senior Analysts here. Varun, Smita, Lakshmi and I report to Ms. D’Souza. We’ll help you out during the initial few days.”

Krishi could not feel more thankful for getting such accommodating colleagues. Everyone seemed so warm, friendly and ready to help.

“Thanks, ya” she meekly smiled.

“So, initial formalities all done? Now we give you the unofficial dos and don’ts of PEAVS. Ready for this?” Varun interrupted.

“Shut up, Varun! Why do you want to torture someone on their first day of work?” Kavya snapped.

“No man! Seriously! Point 1, you request for leave and half day permissions on Friday evening. As Ms. D’Souza is already excited for the weekend and she may say yes almost immediately. Point 2, when you go for a break you first run around with some papers, then walk back and forth, go get some stationery from the reception and then, swiftly move out. So no one actually knows when you exactly left for your break.” Varun solemnly articulated

“Haha, yes yes. The food in the canteen is absolutely pathetic and so is the tea. There is a small tea shop next to office where we can go occasionally if we are too heavy-eyed. Keep away from Raju, the office boy here. As in, just greet him. He’s the official gossip monger of the office and we don’t want things travelling via him, do we.” Kavya sniggered.

“And one more thing. Ms. D’Souza detests people who sit at office, without obvious reasons, after 6. She believes in getting her work done before 6. Rather, if you finish your work by 5:30, you may get some pearls of wisdom from her, absolutely free of cost. Haha! And by the way, I’m Lakshmi, Hi” Lakshmi peeped and adjusted her cubicle accordingly.

“Okay then, see you” Kavya said as she began packing her bags and sorting the papers on the table.

“This madam, comes at 9:30 but moves out correctly by 5:55.” Varun chuckled as she gave him an infuriated look.

“See you too”, Krishi smiled and pushed her chair in; “Could you please help me with the Biometrics, I’ve still not done it” she appealed as Kavya grinned and gently pressed her finger on to the machine.

OTP is 5768, she stated as she boarded the OLA cab and smiled, recollecting the day’s happenings as she traveled back home.